Damier Koala Agenda with pink inside?

  1. It is available in stores. :smile:
  2. That's a bad pic... the interior is coral red, not pink.
  3. There is no fuchsia/pink inside option in the koala agendas?
    Like the red but this pink would be amazing...
  4. No... there was a Mono Canvas Koala Agenda with rose interior, but the Damier Canvas K.A. only came with the coral red interior. Btw. it is the same colour of the Damier Canvas Koala wallet's interior.
  5. The Koala agenda is nice.
  6. As far as I know the interior is red color not pink. Looks nice though.
  7. I think on Vuitton.com it's described as raspberry. So a very reddish pink.