Damier Knightsbridge, for my Mom

  1. Thinking about getting my mother this Damier Knightsbridge for Xmas.
    Does anyone have this handbag?
    She likes to wear a longer strap so I am wondering if another bag might be a better option.

    Please let me know if you have this bag and how you like it/don't like certain aspects.


  2. What a sweet daughter! I think the straps might be too short for a shoulder bag for your mom; this seems like more of a handheld bag to me when I saw it in the boutique. Does she like the Damier print?
  3. I getting one for myself, maybe next week. I will try one on and see if it follows me home. I really should wait for my anniversary next month to justify the purchase, but the rumor of the price increase scares me.