Damier Keepall?

  1. Seems like the Speedy is stealing the limelight but I want to see a show of hands how many tPFers purchased or thinking about the Keepall also. :biggrin:
  2. I'm getting it! But it's not on the top of my list, so it's coming after a Navy Tobago Keepall and a black L'Extravagant. (pic is of 55)
    Damier Keepall 55.jpg
  3. I am soooo loving the Ribera GM!
  4. I want a Damier Keepall soo bad but I want the 50... but with a shoulder strap and they don't make that combination !!! :sad: I refuse to go to a 55 because I have a hard time filling up my 50 in Monogram! Plus I don't know what I would use it for, both my keepall's are just sitting really lonely and I feel bad for them. Maybe I should buy them a new keepall friend? or some shoes to put in there lol... I don't know what to do!
  5. tempting......kind of. Still enjoy my Mono Keepalls though...
  6. Agreed! Its hard filling up the 50! If I get a Damier Keepall, I would get a 45, MAYBE a 50.
  7. I also thought of what I could do with $1,030.00 at LV if I was WILLING to get a DAMIER KEEPALL. The picture below is of the ring I want. I saved the pictures off ebay from an auction but that is the larger version of the ring and retails for $1,890.00 I believe... the smaller version is next to it and it's $1,070.00 called the SMALL EMPREINTE RING in WHITE GOLD. I was also thinking shoes... or SOMETHING I can get actual use out of. If I buy the keepall, it will give me the "uhhh I have it feeling and I feel better" ya know... that kinda satisfication but a ring I can wear or shoes... I would love to make my first fine jewelry purchase also... but these shoes well mainly everything they make is going to take me too the poor house!! lol

    so opinions would be wondeful!
  8. When I went to Boston in March I had to BUY stuff to fill my MC keepall 45 lol... I could never use a 55
  9. Haha wow, you had to buy things to fill up the 45? When I saw it, I thought it was too small so thats why I got the 50. But now that I have the 50, its too big!
  10. Really? I have no problems filling up my Keepall 55..to a certain extent. I never stuff it completley full because then it's just too heavy..but I can fill it up nicely for a 5 day trip no problem.
  11. I fill mine for a weekend! Hmm...guess I bring too much!

  12. I really want to buy a damier Keepall 50, But i have one in mono so what should i do.
  13. I love the Damier Keepall. I want a Keepall 55. I don't think I'd have ANY problems with that one!
  14. I want a Damier Keepall, Tobago, white mc, and an epi but I have no use for them! the two I have now sit and if I go buy any of the ones I mentioned above it will just sit so I think I have to pass on it unless I win the lotto lol than free bags for everyone!:lol:
  15. Love the ring:love: :love: