Damier Keepall with Heat Stamp and Sweet Monogram! I love tPFers!!!

  1. I got keepall 50 in Damier.
    I was thinking about Mono or Azur but many people recommended DAMIER!!!

    This is the thread--->

    I changed my mine went for Damier and I love it:heart:

    I really appreciate tPFers!!
    I love all!!!!!

    I got a Hawaii heat stamp and my name on the tag.
    and......I got a sweet monogram pendant. It's CuTe!!!






    0919keepall.jpg 0919keepall2.jpg 0919keepall3.jpg 0922tag2.jpg 0922tag1.jpg
  2. sweet congrats...
  3. sweet monogram

  4. latinmalemodel - thanks!!!
  5. OMG I LoVe the sweet monogram charm:drool: is the string made of vachetta?
  6. Noe Noelie--I think the Damier was a great choice! I love the heat stamp. I want to a Damier like your's someday. Congratz!
  7. Love the Keepall - congrats! That Hawaii stamp is sooooo cute!
  8. yes, it's a leather but I will use my silver chain....:heart:
  9. rileygirl -
    thank you for your help!!!!!
    I was thinking about mono but when my hubby carry the bag for me....mmm........he doesn't like "I carry LOUIS VUITTON right now!!!!!" hehehe. That's why I choose demier!

    I love the hawaii stamp:tup:
  10. love your keepall and the sweet monogram charm is gorgeous! congrats!
  11. oooh congrats noe!!!! i'm thinking about a keepall and the damier is getting my interest.
  12. Niiice! :drool:
  13. damn, that's nice!

    here's hoping it comes out with a strap soon...the 50 i mean.
  14. Congrats on both.The charm is cute.
  15. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!