Damier Keepall Question

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  1. I have been thinking of getting a keepall in Damier and I just checked out the LV website.
    Are they being discontiued because there aren't any on there!
    I also noticed that there are no pocket organizers in Damier either.
    Does anyone know what is going on?
  2. I was just in the store yesterday and they had a display of them(keepalls) but whether or not they are being discontinued..........i hope not!!!
  3. I could not imagine they would discontinue them.. They just changed the website, and maybe they are not entiely finish with it..
  4. The problem comes from the website updates. They forget to put everything when they change the design.
  5. Ok, thanks.
  6. No they're just updating the website. Depending on your strength and packing; i'd opt for the strap since the bag can get heavy. Good luck w/ your decision :smile:
    Oh btw, be aware that the maximum carry-on will be the size 55.
  7. Get the strap. Personally I wish I would have spent more and bought a wheeled carry-on this bag is heavy when filled.
  8. Yes get the one with straps! I'm saving up for my next keepall with straps! its great as an everyday bag!
  9. What sizes does the damier keepall come in? I see on lv.com they only have the 55 with. Does it not come in a 50 or 45 with strap?
  10. 45 and 55 with strap and the 50 only without strap..