Damier Keepall 55 or Mono Keepall 55

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    Please help me decide on which keepall i should purchase> daMIER aZUR, MONO, OR REG DAMIER.

    -I am worried the azur may get too dirty.

    by-the-way... Are they carry-on size for airplanes?

    Thank you for any input..I am just startinf my luggage collection:heart:
  2. I'd get the reg. Dameir And the 45 will fit Carryon maybe even the 50:yes:
  3. I think any keepall would work as a carryon (I sometimes use a Keepall 60-sized Burberry duffle, which is just a smidge too big for comfort but still fits in the overhead compartment). Back to which line, I'm a hypocrite: I find myself recommending the Damier, while I lust after the mono 50 :confused1:
  4. I'm getting the azur!!! today!
  5. At the moment I feel like the reg.Damier is most suitable for me. Especially due to the fact i tend to thrash my bags. I have a keepall55 on hold however it seems so large. The SA said it is accepted as a carry-on.

    However Ladies, Are we sure this is style i should purchase? I will buy it on monday until then more input suggestion PLease! xo
  6. Get regular damier. I have a brown mono and it patinad so fast with constant travel. The Damier would be so much more classy looking as it ages. Make sure you get a strap!! You will regret it if not!!
    The keepall 45 mono I have is very small IMO. Go with a bigger size. I have a 60 and have never been given trouble carrying it on, but I've heard of people with 55s having to check them. Not good!
  7. get the one you really really love.
    The Azur will not get dirty.

    I have mono in the Pegase60
    I have azur in the keepall50

    I love them both!