damier keepall 50 or 55??!!

  1. OKay, I'm 6'2" and want to get the 55 but I want to be able to take it on the plane with me, I would never let them throw it around on the runway, thats why I'm getting the ribiera or vaslav intead of the pegase....But here is what I'm wondering, is the 55 to big to tak on the plane??? Will I need to go down to a 50 because I'm a tall dude I don't want it to look like I have a purse...you know

    Thanks in Advance:smile:
  2. The 55 is perfectly fit to be a carry on. Don't worry :p
  3. Thanks, also I was wondering...elux or Louis vuitton boutique, I would like to go to a boutique to develope a relationship with a sales associate there, but if I bought from elux I'd prob be considered a VIP, which should I buy from??
  4. I would definately get the 55 - make sure you get one with a strap - I ahve a 55 with no strap (wish i did though) I have never had any problems taking the 55 on-board.

    I am bidding on a Pegase 60 at teh moment which is also carry on size on the airline I use most frequently!!

    I cannot by from Elux, but personally prefer the boutique experience where you can 'try-on' all the bags and see what suits your need best.
  5. As long as you don't stuff it full, you can cram it under the seat! I had a 60 that my husband used to carry, and it fit under the seat on a plane. I just personally think it is too big! I like the 50!
  6. Go for 55! It w ould fit you better!