Damier Keepall 50 or 55 with strap?

  1. I'm having trouble deciding between the two of them. I like that the 55 has a strap but it's 200$ more expensive and from looking at some pictures I could find, it's not that much bigger than the 50. What do you guys suggest?

    Oh and also, does anyone have pictures of both sizes next to each other?
  2. I would go for the 55 with straps - even though its 200$ more, it's very useful to have a strap ... The keepall is a bag you're using when your going to the gym, small vacation, sleppover or stuff like that and you almost everytime carry your handbag too ...
  3. (raises hand) I do, I do. I just bought the Damier 50 today. The 55 is noticeably bigger, and just too big for me. I would've liked to have a strap, but not enough to go up to the 55.

    Here are some pics to help you decide. The 1st is a 50 & 55 side by side. The 2nd is a 50 on me.

    Edit to add: in the 2nd pic, I filled the bag maybe 2/3 way up with 3 pairs of jeans, a few tops, 2 dresses and 1 heavy sweatshirt. It's a little heavy, but completely manageable.
    Damier Keepall.jpg Pictures 019.jpg
  4. oh wow thanks for the pictures voodoodoll2005! :smile:

    I'd like a strap too but I'm not sure if it's worth the extra money. Although, I'm a guy and I'm not sure I can pull off walking around with the keepall in my hand instead of having it hang from my shoulders with a strap. They're both so beautiful though *drools*.
  5. Oops, didn't realize you are a guy (sorry). In that case, maybe the 55 is better. For me, a filled 55 would be too heavy, strap or not.
  6. Do the keepalls usually come with a LV box and dustbag?
  7. My 55 did.

  8. I have a Miroir Keepall 55 with no strap and wish that it did - $200 will be nothing in a few months time when you are carrying your bag and realise how convenient the strap is.
  9. I would go with the 55 with a strap, unless you really don't plan to carry that much. Both are gorgeous and wonderful pieces to have. Good luck with your decision!!
  10. Definitely the 55 with the strap.
  11. get 55 with strap. this bag gets heavy and a shoulder strap really comes in handy.
  12. Get the strap for sure, it will make life easier.
  13. No matter which size you get, make sure you have a strap! It makes life MUCH easier!
  14. i would like the keepall with strap as well.. the only thing i am worring about is the size 55 may not be able to be carried on.. and i definitely do not want my LV luggage to be checked in....:confused1:

  15. I always manage to stuff somehow my 60 in oerhead compartment, so 55 is okay;)