Damier keepall 50 as short-trip luggage?

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  1. I need a chic travel bag to hold clothes etc. for long weekends (two nights/three days). After my recent splurges, I'm also trying not to spend more than 600 Euros (about US$850). I like the dark damier keepall 50... :drool: what do you think? Would that be a smart choice? :shrugs:

    The bandouliere version is more expensive, I wonder if it would be worth it.

    Can this keepall handle heavy packing? :s

    I'm going to Paris in December and could buy it there... but I'd need it already to get there LOL! :roflmfao: Thanks!
  2. I was planning on buying the Damier Keepall this month too. I've had the Greenwich GM for over six years, and used it regularly, even putting it into checked luggage on international flights. LV luggage is made for long term use. I say go for it.
  3. Thank you. I'm not sure yet about the right size though. Which one do you want to get?
  4. I want to get the smaller one. The reason I bought the first Damier bag was to control my tendency to overpack. I want to be able to carry my bags easily. What I usually do is pack a fold-up nylon carryon (I bought one at Flight 001) into my Greenwich, then on the way home open that up and have extra luggage room if I need it.

    Plus, I can use the older one and the newer one together, along with the Venice for my computer , and really get dirty envying looks at the airport. :P haha. It is fun to travel stylishly.
  5. LOL right :graucho:
  6. I have the damier keepall 55 bandoliere and it's super nice for long weekends!
  7. LOL...so funny, but so true. The 50 would be a touch small for me for all weekend, especially if it's a long one.
  8. Wow, the 50 as too small... it's something to consider. Though I'm going to Miami for five days, and my Greenwich will be more than enough! Of course, what am I taking to Miami? tiny clothes!

    I just calculated the volume in the 50, 55 and Greenwich PM, and the Greenwich falls about halfway between the two keepalls in terms of overall capacity -- 2395 vs. 2012 vs. 1884 cubic inches.
  9. Hmm LOL! :roflmfao: Now if you could only calculate clothes in cubic inches... :idea:I guess I will go see for myself next week to get the feel of it. Thanks!
  10. You've inspired me... I am going to go play with the LV luggage at Bloomingdales on my way home.
  11. Sounds like you guys are loving your keepall and Greenwich....I was trying to get a carry on for weekend travel too and have been looking for over a year...

    And of course LV was first choice....but seeing many people with the varities in travel situations...it seemed uncomfortable.....with keepalls, the small ones seems too small and the larger ones seem too large.... the greenwich is handheld and have seen alot of simular ones, but I need one with a strap......

    Do you guys have such issues?
  12. I love the idea of a strap, but anything too heavy with a strap tends to weigh me down too much. then again I try to either take a small luggage cart with me or just grab the ones at the airports.

    If you really want a strap, the monogram in all the larger sizes comes with a strap, or just get the Damier with the strap and enjoy the room to spare. Since it's a soft bag it will sag a little if not filled to capacity.

    There's always the Alize with a strap. but that's a more complicated item.
  13. The Alize seems like the right one maybe..will check it out IRL...thank you!!!!!!!....I hope they can SO it in Damier though....:yes:
  14. keepalls are great bags. just dont check it!!! the air line people destroy lv lugage.