Damier Keepall 45???

  1. hi lol:p

    The damier keepall...starts from 50...:crybaby:

    if you want a 45...:rolleyes:

    can they make it for you?:push:

    how much would it cost?:shrugs:

    cheaper buying a 50 ?:sweatdrop:


  2. I would think they would for the standard 30% surcharge but people haven't been able to SO speedy 35/40's in damier so maybe not Keepalls either. You could always just go with the 50- it's not that much bigger.
  3. mmm...true true...lol...

    5cm bigger...

  4. really??? why not?
  5. WOAH thats it, I never realized that little a difference.:shrugs:
  6. I was told that you can't SO a Damier Keepall 45 :sad: