Damier issues

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Bleeding issue, More with

  1. Speedy 25

  2. Speedy 30

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  1. Are there more people having issues with bleeding in their

    1.Speedy 25
    2.Speedy 30
  2. i have a 30 with no issue.
  3. my speedy 30 is kinda bleeding as well though :sad:
  4. What do you mean by bleeding?
  5. The inside lining is red and some people have experienced problems wit hte color bleeding onto lighter colored items they put in there, like white things
  6. I got my dami 30 about 3 weeks ago. I actually tested it again last night, and I think in 3 weeks time, the bleeding has gotten better. I don't know if the dye just needs to set in to the fabric or whatever, but I had to rub really hard to get any transfer. My date code is june 06 made in france. I have a pursket and I have kids change of clothes in the bottom, so my stuff doesn't touch any of the lining. Are you thinking of getting one? You can always take a white soft cloth with you and check the speedy before you buy. Not all of them are doing it.
  7. I have no color transfer issues with my 30. When I first got it there was just a little pink on my paperback edges but now there is no transfer. So, maybe it does get better over time.

  8. Ohh Iwasnt aware of the issue. Thanks for explain.

    You girls (and guys) are fabulous and a tremendous help!:wlae: :wlae: :yahoo:
  9. i bought min yesteday! :heart: I tested it in the store with a whte towel an there was some pink shine on the towel. I was so little i was like whats al the fuss about.
  10. I got my damier speedy 30 back in July and have had no issues at all .!.
  11. thank you, i'd like to get this bag but this bleeding worries me.
  12. I have a 25 - no issues at all - no bleeding.
  13. I dont carry light color items but still, the point is after spending 600$ + I dont want issues yknow.

    Althought I dont like the sag i'll have something on the bottom regardless of 25 04 30, but if i go with 25 i wont be using a purseket.
  14. I have a 25 with no bleeding
  15. I use a purseket with my 25 with no problem - I have the medium one in there and then I put my PTI and agenda in the middle of the bag.