Damier..is it a bit dark and manly???????????

  1. I was talking with a few guys about my bags lately...including my DH...He lets me know that he really doesnt think thank Damiers are pretty.....and not much to look at....some of the guys agree and say that its not really femine looking.....boring was another word they used....hmmmmmm....

    I have had a issue with Damier once, when I thought that it was alittle drabby looking but...compared to the styles right now, which are really colorful or cool colors like white....it does seem a bit..dark...

    But can it be alittle masculine? Too dark? My hubby thinks so..he still refers to it as the "Man bags"....:rolleyes:
  2. Damier was originally developed for men, so I can see why others think it's "manly" but the bags themselves aren't manly IMO. I think it can look quite feminine.
  3. I think the Damier print is really elegant and looks very dressy compared to the Monogram print which I think is more casual. I have both prints and love them both!!! However, I recently purchased the Damier Macao clutch pochette which I think is geared more towards men BUT I love it! It's roomier than the regular pochettes (I have a mono version, too!), so I like to carry the Macao on the weekends so that I don't have to lug around a heavy purse.
  4. Elegant is a good word for it...but is it pretty???
  5. I am always drawn to the damier pattern. I have to show GREAT restraint not to buy all the bags and accessories. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but I love damier on everything. My husband's wallet is damier and he also feels it's a very masculine looking pattern. I don't think the women's bags look at all masculine. I always get more compliments on my damier bags than my mono bags. I defintiely prefer damier over mono. The azur is great to lighten things up a bit. But that ebony damier, man it is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Well... no, I guess the Damier print isn't "pretty" but I also don't think the Monogram print isn't pretty either!! But, I do think the Vernis is pretty!! Multicolore is cute! And Epi is elegant too. :smile:
  7. I agree, probably due to the dark colours. I find Azur quite pretty though.
  8. I have to say that I think damier is very pretty. Very classic and pretty.:yes:
  9. i love damier, not heavy logos. very classy and polished.
  10. I've never thought of the Damier print as manly. I suppose it's because the design of the bags are quite feminine, which offsets the masculinity of the actual print. The Azur is the hottest. I've got my sights set on an Azur Saleya PM. I think Damier is very classy.
  11. Well said Rockstar- it's the feminine, elegant shapes of the Duomo or Papillon or Nolita that offset the dark pattern and make it girly. I love Damier and always will!
  12. Yeah it's dark but I would never call it manly. It's an absolutely elegant workhorse for me. My Saleya PM has gone on more job interviews and on more business trips than I can count and she never fails me no matter the occasion, weather or bumps of airports, security, restaurants, you name it! Suit and pumps or t-shirt and jeans...works every time!
  13. I used to think it was a bit masculine. Until I bought a papillion 26. It quickly became one of my favorite bags and I can dress it up or down very easily. It's a great line!
  14. I love the damier.
  15. I love it! I thought it might be at first but I find that Damier can look really feminine-it's a really unisex print.