Damier is go classy!!!

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Which bag do you have? Please share.
  3. It's a Saleya MM - do you see the photo?
  4. Maybe it's the pc I'm using but I don't see your photo. It's a red "X".

    Congrats on your Saleya MM. That's a lovely bag. The PM is on my wishlist.
  5. Congrats, great choice! :love:
  6. I can't see the pic. Only the red X.:sad:
  7. Congrats! Great choice!
  8. I can't see the photo neither but congrats!
  9. Not seeing pic... but yes.. I'm falling more and more in love w/ Damier stuff...
  10. Ack! Can't see the pic but already agree with ya ;) Can't wait for my damier speedy!!
  11. [​IMG]
    shoes 009.jpg
  12. Oooh, that's gorgeous indeed. I am falling for damier lately. Its so darn rainy where I live. I surely could use one of those. I hate wetting my Chloe and Balenciagas, and the vachetta on LV's is becoming way too high maintenance for me.
  13. wow..ibeautiful bag,,can u also use it as shoulder bag?
  14. i love damier too i just bought the illovo and chelsea :smile: love your bag tried that many times in the store
  15. I totally agree with you about the Damier pattern. I'm so addicted to drulling over the Damier bags on eBay, Eluxury, and LV site. Too bad I only have 3 bags that are Damier......
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