Damier iPod Case?

  1. Anyone have any clue if/when they're going to release a Damier iPod case?

    I'm considering getting a new iPod soon and want to get a case for it, but I don't do monogram. Any leads?
  2. I'm pretty sure new iPod video's are going to be annouced within the next 6 months, I canlt see buying one now as being worth it when a new one is going to be coming soon.
  3. I've heard a rumor that one might be made... I'm hoping for one in Damier or black MC!!! :nuts:
  4. Damier would be gorgeous- but as far as I know LV isn't planning on releasing one......
  5. Are you kidding me? :sad: GRRR!!! I hate how Apple does that!
  6. Well the reason why they didnt announce it at Macworld (THE show where the iPhone was announced) is becuase they didnt want to detract attention from the phone, so they will announce one soon. Think about it, the last true iPod upgrade was when we got the current Video iPod in 2005 (All they did in 2006 was release an 80GB version)!

    Mac Rumors: Full Video iPod in 2007 and Mac Tablet in 2008?

    I say if you plan on buying a new iPod you wait for the iPod from the link above! And then wait for a LV case to follow. (that's my plan :yes:)
  7. I'm not too concerned about whether or not it's "true video" (I'm not sure if I'm going to get a Nano or a regular, anyhoo) since I'm planning on getting the iPhone anyway. But I'm not going to use my iPhone @ the gym or on my way to classes or whatever. The only real iPod-use I can see for my iPhone is to watch films when I travel or something.
  8. I know Lv produced iPod cases in the past, but I doubt it will continue to do so... the main reason is that Apple constantly changes the design specs: older iPods all shared the same LxWxD and screen size, but newer iPods' LxWxD and screen size change with each different model. So each new iPod model will need a different case, available in different canvas types to satisfy the demands of a few customers, that's not econimically viable. It's the same reason LV doesn't make cell phone cases.
  9. r u kidding me??? is it really? I just ordered one for my BF for the Valentine's Day and it had the laser engraving on it as well, which means I cannot back out????:cursing: :cursing:
  10. i would like to see a blk mc b/c i have a red and blk ipod and it would just make me happy!
  11. I'm sure they will continue to produce iPod cases. They're huge sellers (the Nano cases in particular have sold-out several times nationwide, and they're gone within a few hours when they go up on eLuxury). The people who buy a new iPod every time it comes out likely have the cash to buy a new case each time one comes out.

    And PS, the older iPods were just as variable on size as the new iPods. The original 20 gig iPods were BRICKS compared to the 5-and-10 giggers. If anything, as the iPods progress the sizes are becoming more standardized. The difference between first and second generation Nanos is extremely slight (enough that a new Nano fits in the old case perfectly) and the difference between a 30 gig Video and an 80 gig Video is only about a tenth of an inch.
  12. Apple is sneaky like that. Last time I bought iPod click wheel a a month before iPod video came out. I was upset.
  13. Ouch. Of course the way to avoid that is just to only buy as soon as they hit the market! :biggrin:
  14. I certainly hope they make one in Damier :drool: My DH even wants one, it would pop his LV cherry LOL
  15. When I first bought my 1st generation Pink Ipod mini the 2nd generation came out the next day!!! I was so PO's that the SA didn't have the b#^@ to tell me to wait one day!!! Of course that didn't stop me from buying my son a shuffle, my DH a nano and me a new video. I am a sucker when it comes to apple (I have an Imac, and three different lap tops--i book, old power book and now new mac book pro).

    That being said I am really wanting a white mc case for my ipod video.