Damier iPod Case?

John 5

Mar 2, 2006
A little bird *cough* Matt!!! *end cough* told me that there will be a Damier Etui Widescreen iPod Case soon? How effing exciting!!!! If it does come out sometime soon.... I will be soooo pissed. I could always sell my current iPod case for $200 on eBay and pay the difference when and if it does get released? :shrugs:

Can anyone else confirm? I have asked other sources and am awaiting their responses.
My DH was just asking about an LV Ipod case and I told him we'd have to get one in Damier special made cause I don't think they have them... It would be great if they actually started making them!
Yeah John, and Matt, twas I! Lol, my sa was asking my why I didn't ask for any LV for xmas and I said because I had asked for a new ipod and he was like well your going to love the damier ipod case and i was like What!! And he said it's going to be made, but didn't tell me when it would come out :yahoo::yes: