Damier Ipanema

  1. Are the Damier bags not popular any more? I have a larger size Ipanema in Damier and it is like new so I decided to try and sell on eBay but for the last 2 months nothing, not even a question. All my other monogrammed bags sold immediately. Anyway, I'm curious if the Damier is not popular like it was a few years ago. I have kind of been out of the LV loop and more in to Chanel the last few years so your opinions would be appreciated.
  2. I think they are still popular.But who knows...Maybe bad coinsidence?
  3. I think the damier bags are popular.
  4. Its true that it is not nearly as popular, especially on eBay, than other lines of LV......Ive seen the Damier on eBay for way less than the same design in Mono....

    Overall, the Mono is much more saught after than Damiers....and its just more recongnized in the Mono too...this is what leads me to think that the re-sell value for Damier is much, much lower than Mono in the long run....unless its a speciality item....
  5. i have been looking out for a pochette ipanema for a few months and i have also noticed several ipanema PM and GMs on there that just havnt sold at all, or have for a very low price. I ended up finding my pochette ipanema and got it for a steal! From what i have noticed i think this particular bag is not very well known or popular. I have only ever once seen one out on the street as well.