damier in the rain?

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  1. tomorrow is my last day with my best friend before college and we are dressing up and looking cute and running around to all our favorite places and taking pictures for me to hang in my dorm:P

    my question is, a damier ebene speedy is fine in the rain correct?
    i know ive read that it should be fine because of the dark handles but i want to make sure there is no spotting or anything

    im slightly neurotic about it, its my baby!

    thank you all!!!:tup:
  2. yep, it'll be fine! I carry mine in the snow and rain of Massachusetts without any problems!
  3. Yes, it should be fine with the dark leather. No need to worry about vachetta!
  4. ebene = ebony?

    yup, no problem for all weather. usually, i bring out during raining days.:yes:
  5. ^ Yes, ebene is French.
  6. fine even if totally drenched in the rain?
  7. mine has been, and it looks brand new!

    p.s. handbaghappy, are you going to be a freshman?
  8. My Bastille was used to getting drenched and covered with snow back east. Damier was made to withstand whatever nature threw at it. Except maybe lightning.
  9. yes, all the leather canvas are water proof and have been treated!
  10. original message from LVBastille
    LOL!:roflmfao: you are so funny and so right LVBastille. i have no problems with my damier speedy 30 during rainy season. i usually use her when it rains. don't worry handbaghappy your baby will be just fine.
  11. Its the perfect all weather bag. Use her in the rain/snow and love her.Enjoy your time out ....
  12. Woo ~ Now i don't have to worry about my Beaubourg anymore. Thanks for this useful info :yahoo:

  13. yes i am! im so excited but also really nervous...

    thank you all for your reassurance! now i know my bag will be ok!
  14. It is fine in the rain. But carry an umbrella to soothe any nerves.
  15. ah, lucky you! freshman year is so much fun, you're going to have a FANTASTIC time! as for me, I'm going to be a smelly old senior...:crybaby: