Damier in Illovo MM or Speedy 30

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  1. Hello...My mom bought me Damier Speedy 30 for my birthday and I also ended up getting a Illovo MM for myself as a 10 year work anniversary gift...I'm not so sure if I want 2 Damier pattern bags right now., so I need help deciding which one to keep...Please help me decide....Currently, I have a Poppincourt Haut(Christmas gift 2005 from DH), a mono wallet(birthday gift 2006 from DH) and a Black Epi Alma (Christmas Gift 2006 from DH). I use all my bags for work or play...so I need something that can do both...I also want to (for now, until finances are flowing again) only have an LV bag from each pattern/style....I also use both handheld or shoulder...the reason also why I only want to keep only one Damier is this Forum has made me obsess :drool: over the Roxbury and eventhough my Birthday is coming up I highly doubt my DH will buy me a purse as he had to buy me a new SUV since I got into a wreck last week and totaled my vehicle....sorry for the long post...:confused1:
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  3. I would say keep the speedy if you have to get rid of one. Also, you say you need it for both work and play, I love the Roxbury and it's gorgeous no doubt, but I don't think it's a bag you can take to work, it's too small and too dressy IMO.
  4. I have a damier speedy and the Illovo MM and love both.

    Against what will probably be the popular opinion, I would take the Illovo. It does hold a little less, but it is so easy to carry and has a great slouchy look!
  5. shoot i have both the damier speedy and the illovo mm too and i love them both too. they're so different because of the shoulder/handheld thing. if you really must get rid of one decide what you need it for- illovo is probably best for going out/shopping/lighter days where the speedy is more of an everyday bag.

    i personally might try and exchange the damier speedy for an azur speedy. best of both worlds!
  6. keep the speedy- buy a strap for it- return the illovo - and buy the roxbury! thus a great addition to your ever growing collection! :smile: