Damier Illovo MM still available?

  1. Is this bag still available in boutiques? I don't see it offered on e-lux anymore. Thought it might be a nice size for my MIL.
  2. I hope it is- I really want one!

    ETA: It's still on the LV site. It might just sell out quickly on ELux. Some Damier bags are harder to find there, like the Chelsea.
  3. Maybe they just don't have any available on E-lux? I just bought mine in December, so i'm sure there is one available somewhere :smile: It is a great size, holds as much as a speedy 25, yet still fits comfortably on your shoulder.
  4. I'm sure it is..elux doesn't typically carry every style in the line.
    I'd try calling the 866 number to have them locate one for you.
  5. yup! i just saw one last week at the tysons galleria LV :yes:
  6. Cool, thanks!