Damier Highbury

  1. Does anybody have an image of this bag? From what I understand, it's a shoulder hobo style bag.
  2. I don't have a pic but I asked 866-Vuitton yesterday about a "damier bag like the Tulum". The rep said it was the Highbury. I'm hoping to see a picture also.
  3. Bring on the pics!
  4. It's on the vuitton site now -- not on elux yet. It is gorgeous!! i love it!
  5. it is gorgeous - just saw it - drool
  6. I just looked at this in the store. I didn't love it. The strap was very stiff and the pocket on the front actually buckles instead of having a hidden snap. Hard to get in and out of.

    I found the Knightbridge to be the most attractive of the new damier....
  7. I'm not a fan. I wanted to be, but the design seemed too complicated for the busyness of the Damier pattern.
  8. Eh, it's so-so. The buckle in the front looks funky to me.....but I may change my mind after I see it in person.
  9. I think its CUTE! Anyone know the retail on this?
  10. It was about $1200...
  11. oh, i want to see a picture of this bag!!
  12. I Like It
  13. I got the Damier Highbury last night. It is my first LV ever and I think it's gorgeous! My favorite features are the 3 separate large compartments in the bag, an interior cell phone pocket and the wide strap seems doesn't want to slide off my shoulder.
  14. please post a pic! i'd love to see it on someone!!
  15. I wish they make the Highbury in larger size like PM or MM. I really like the Knightsbridge bag better than the Highbury. Here's some pictures that I've captured from LV site.
    highbury.jpg knightsbridge.jpg