Damier Highbury or Ravello PM?

  1. Hi, I'd really like purchase my 2nd damier bag but I am having trouble deciding. I have the damier speedy 30 (which I love) and the highbury and ravello have caught my eye...which do you prefer? I haven't seen either on anyone and was wondering if anyone owns these bags? Also, I am 5'9 and medium frame so I wonder if the ravello might be too small for my frame. I am open to other suggestions as well. I know everyone seems to love the papillon and saleya but that is not the style I am looking for right now. Please let me know whatyou think of these 2 bags...thanks!!!

  2. hmmm... not sure... highbury is kind of a bigger-ish bag, and i'm not head and shoulders in love with the shape...though I can see that with your height it'd be fabulous to pull off!

    my SIL has ravello GM and it looks marvelously sophisticated on her.... esp with the hardware! gotta love the koala buckle...

    i vote ravello bc I'm a fan of the understated bling!
  3. I like the 2nd bag. It's more for your size since you are tall. THe other one might be kinda small. Why don't you go for the Trevi? it is gorgeous.
  4. I much prefer the Highbury! so different!
  5. Highbury (2nd bag) 100% for me!!

    It's a gorgeous bag and I think you would look amaizng with it.
  6. I like the highbury ... looks classy and timeless and not a lot of people have it!
  7. Definitely get the Highbury! I have this and it is obviously roomier than the Ravello PM. Every time I wear my Highbury, I get compliments. It is really a stunning bag IRL and quite unique. You don't see a lot of people carrying this which I like! I am in my pj's right now getting ready to go to sleep --- lol --- otherwise, I would take a picture for you!

    Have fun deciding!!
  8. The Highbury: I think it is a great bag and always imagine it to be carried around in rain and thunder cross body. The other one is nice and elegant-but tiny. And I think the Highbury has more character!
  9. I agree, I think the Ravello PM would be too tiny for daily use for most people.

    It would for me anyway... I carry everything. :sweatdrop:
  10. The trevi is gorgeous! Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely check this bag out when I go to LV!
  11. I was in a department store last month and saw someone carring the Highbury - it is so beautiful in real life! The pictures definitely do not do it justice. I think the woman thought I was stalking her because I tried to discreetly follow her around to get a better look at it!
  12. The ravello PM would be too small for you. Highbury would be better but check out the new Trevi. It's a very nice bag!
  13. :roflmfao: so funny, sometimes I just have to stare at a beautiful bag!