Damier Help

  1. I don't know if this is the right section. After finding this website, I have fallen in love with the Damier Canvas...a departure from all of my Monogram.

    I have been looking for a Speedy or Alma or Saleya in Damier (Dark) but I find that I am in unfamiliar territory as far as spotting fakes. When looking at Monogram...I always look at the vachetta and alignment, date code, etc., I just "know" the monogram line much better. I have a couple Epi pieces as well, but I feel like I could be easily fooled by the Damier.

    I look at what I assume is a fake (low or no feedback sellers) and I find it is hard for me to tell the difference between the Poupette sellers on the same items. Is there something that is easily recognizable?

    Long time lurker, relatively new poster. I really love this place :rolleyes:
  2. Use the Authenticate This Louis Vuitton thread in the Louis Vuitton Shopping sub-forum. They're wonderful and very helpful!