Damier Hard-Sided Box

  1. It's sooooo purty! If that's that much for a 4.9 inch cube....I can only imagine how much a trunk costs nowadays :wtf:
    damierhardsided.JPG damierhardsided2.JPG
  2. i really love this..but not the price :wacko:
  3. It's cute but I rather spend the money on a purse or a piece of luggage. Isn't there a slightly large hard box for jewelery? Someone on the TPF had it in their collection.
  4. I'd buy it if LV made them fireproof..... you know like those fireproof safes???? lol
  5. Awww... it's only $1,960!!!
  6. Yikes, that costs more than my Coffret Tresor, which is a bit larger and holds more :nuts:

    I've seen the Azur version of this cubey box in stores...it's so cute.