damier handles peeling?

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    wtf is going on with my trevi?? first the wrinkling, which i wrote about a few years ago. Now, the handles, on the edge, the glue or whatever you want to call it, is lifting. maybe from holding it by the handles and they rub together?

    is this just me? is anyone else having troubles like this with their damier?
  2. Yes, this happened to me and I posted bunch of pix in the trevi clubhouse thread. Check them out!

    Outcome was pretty bad, the store manager offered me to replace the handles for free so I left my bag there (came home with paper bag.) and I waited and waited for months.

    My bag was back from the repair after almost two months, it sat in the back of the store for two weeks, nobody called me or knew.

    Took it home and it had more damage to the leather on top even though they replaced the handles, the glue got on the zipper leather part and peeled (see the pix in the trevi clubhouse thread!) and they told me that I can bring it back to be fixed - again. Not one person said sorry or anything, I had to drive back and forth again for two hours just to drop the darn bag!!

    Then almost two month again I had to wait... It finally came back a few weeks ago.

  3. O_O, they didn't offer you anything ?
  4. No, not at all! :sad:
    Not even a single 'sorry' note! Crappy customer service.
  5. Mhmh... Makes me wonder if I want to make another purchase...
  6. I have learnt the 'peeling lesson too' - l wont be purchasing another bag in this print. Only SLG's
  7. My DE Thames GM had the same problem too. The glue/glaze part that are around the rings lifted within a couple of months. The bag wasn't even used much. I took it back to LV and they sent it in for repair. It came back with brand new strap and a big ding on the metal plate. Off it went again to have the plate replaced. I have it back now with brand new strap and plate for more than a month but it has been sitting in my closet. Not sure if I want to use the bag again....
  8. Ugh, really? This upsets me! I'm so sorry you have to go through this too, I am not very much in love with my trevi anymore like I was before all the repair drama!

    I wish they can just do it 'right' the first time. :sad:
  9. Does anyone have pictures of the peeling?
  10. That is so weird. I have had my Thames GM for about 7 months and use it quite a bit and the handles look like new, no peeling or cracking.
  11. The strap was perfect itself. No cracking or wrinkling. The glaze/glue came off. It was only in the small area around the two rings. I guess the rings rub against the glue/glaze? One side where the bottom of the ring sits, the glaze was completely gone. The other side was lifted and was sticking out. The manager at LV took one look and she didn't even say anything. Didn't say it was normal wear and tear or examining it closely. Just told me yep, we will send it in for repair free of charge. I supposed I was just unlucky to get one with problem. This is the only DE bag I have. Reading the forum it seems like DE bags have more strap issues. I like the new Portobello but I don't think I will buy another DE bag any time soon.

    Sophia618 has pictures in the Trevi clubhouse thread. Same issue but just on different spots.
  12. One thing I noticed on a lot of LVs and even some modern Hermes bags is the uneven/sloppiness of glazing. I'm not quite sure whats going on... because the stitchings are still amazing, the leather is amazing, but apparently the people applying the glaze are completely cross-eyed.
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  14. since i bought the bag pre-loved i'll have to pay for all repairs, and when i went in 1-2 years ago re: the wrinkling, i was quoted $300 just for that. i'm afraid what the cost might be in they throw in the peeling glaze. i'm so disappointed and also in the fact that they don't stand by their product.