Damier Hampstead

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  1. Thought I wanted the Damier Perioli and then I saw photos of the Hampstead and now I just don't know. Knowing the dimensions and the price of the Hampstead would help me decide. Also, is the Hampstead available yet? I already own the Partition and the Ellipse in the monogram canvas and am looking for a larger tote style with longish straps in a pattern other than the monogram...any opinions or suggestions?
  2. I'm in the same boat--I like the parioli, but I'm waiting to see the Hampstead (out 4/1) and the saleya MM with longer handles.....
  3. I'm in the same boat, I was considering getting a damier saleya pm, but wanted to wait and see the hampsteads IRL.
  4. yep, out 1st april, im waitlisted for PM and MM, Just so i can see them together. Im having second thoughts on whether I want one now. I will have my damier speedy by then so dont know if theres any point?! will have to see if i like it!
    thinking something in epi or pomme would be better!