Damier Hampstead PM - will it fit on the shoulder?

  1. My mom's birthday is coming up in May, and she has wanted a Damier for a long time. She first fell in love when we went to buy my speedy.

    I have showed her the Hampstead online, and she seems to have liked it very much. My local LV doesn't have anymore of the Hampsted PM (I called, sold out!) so I'm not able to go to it and check it out for myself.

    For those of you who own the Hampsted PM, is this bag able to be held on the shoulder? The measurements provided on the French LV site didn't really help me too much...Pictures on the shoulder help me better :smile:

  2. yep, i tried it today at the boutique, its a great size! Easily fits over the shoulder and looks great handheld as well xx
  3. Great!! Thanks so much :biggrin:
  4. it depends on your frame, my wife could not fit it comfortably over her shoulder.
  5. I don't have it, but I've tried it on and it fits over my shoulders very well :yes:
  6. maybe someone can meassure the drop.
  7. It fits on my shoulders! :yes:
  8. I was told it did not fir on the shoulder?
  9. I tried this bag on last weekend and it fits on my shoulders. I need this bag its very cute.
  10. Agree! I think it depends on the person trying on the PM. It's a cute bag, but I went with the MM size and love it! I use it as a purse/tote bag for work stuff and it's really working for me! And I love the adjustability of the straps for the MM. However, the PM size is alot bigger than I thought it would be and is very cute! But, again, I think it's more of a handheld bag....