Damier Hampstead "old-ish"?

  1. Ok here goes, I've been earnestly waiting in hope for the Damier Neverfull in Nov...only to read somewhere that it may be delayed till June 2008!! :confused1:

    So I can't wait anymore...cos it's so many mths before I can satisfy my hunger for another LV. :drool:

    I've turned my attention to the Damier Hampstead, which some of you have said it's similar to a Neverfull design...

    Only thing, it kinda looks "old-ish", with its shape and the LV tag in front...do any of u feel the same way I do? It doesn't help that it's in Damier, a dark colour.
  2. No I don't think it looks old at all. But I prefer the Saleya since it has a zipper.
  3. I don't think it looks "old-ish." In my opinion it is a casual but sophisticated tote. I love the hardware and the plaque seems quite elegant to me. The lining is beautiful and soft. On the other hand, the Neverfull is plain (again, my opinion) and the thin shoulder straps make it look even more plain since all you really notice is a huge piece of canvas with not much leather to it.

    Neverfull fans please don't shoot me but this is how I feel about the bag. Sorry.
  4. I don't think it looks "oldish" at all. The bag looks really nice IRL and would be a good tote to carry. Good luck with your decision. I know what you mean about not being able to wait! We LV fanatics need to learn the art of patience... lol :p
  5. I thot it looked oldish too when I saw in online but it looked quite nice when I checked it out in the boutique. Am also considering either the hampstead or the saleya..although quite a few ppl prefer the saleya....
  6. I like Damier very much - more then Mono! It's classy and elegant and not so often to see like Mono. The Hampstead I like too, but I think it's a bag for a "older" lady, I mean over 30!!:graucho:
  7. I saw a girl (well, she was young compared to me ;)), with the Hampstead in Yorkdale the other day and it looked very beautiful on her. The gold plaque stood out and just added to the beauty. Up until then I had only seen the bag on the shelf at the store. My daughter was with me, she is 22 and she loved it. It is a beautiful bag!
  8. Honestly, yes, I think it's a bit "oldish". It's not young and fresh for some reason.
  9. i don't think it's oldish at all! i do have it on my wishlist because i find it so classy, esp the gold plaque...well im on my 30s anyway, so i guess it suits me fine...
  10. I love mine. I don't think it looks old at all.
  11. I dont think its oldish..infact I have tried it on at the store (the PM) and its just great .. except its not zip top. Other than that, the bag is fabulous..
  12. I don't think you can compare the Hampstead to the Neverfull.
    The Hampstead is formally constructed, and a bit more elegant, with leather trim and the L'inventeur gold plate riveted on the front....the neverfull is a loose, unconstructed, "stuff your books, papers, beach stuff, shopping, carry anything in it" style bag....but, that's what I love about LV, there are alot of different styles out there for whatever your needs are....

    They are both beautiful bags.......and timeless LV, so not really "old-ish".
  13. i have both the hampstead and neverfull..i dont think it looks oldish and i think both bags are very different
  14. I don't necessarily think it's "oldish", but the reason why it's off my must-have list is that I feel that it's a little too dressy for my VERY casual lifestyle! I'm a stay-at-home mommy who volunteers at the school a lot, works out, plays golf, and socializes with other very casual friends. If I were still working -- then I would DEFINITELY want one!
  15. I don't think it looks oldish. Once I saw it irl, I fell in love with it. It is a very classy bag and the gold plaque just makes it even more beautiful. However, I am in my 30s so maybe that's why it seemed to fit me so well.