Damier Griet question

  1. Since search function is down, I apologize in advance if issue already addressed:

    Does this bag fit nicely over the shoulder? Is it comfortable or too wide so that it makes your arm stick out?

    I'm loving the style of this bag!!!

    Also, how do you pronounce "griet?" :shame:
  2. I have an MC Griet and I love it! It holds lots, but is great for everyday. I have to say though...it is a bit cumbersome on my shoulder. I definitely use it that way when I need my hands (nice to have the option), but to my surprise, it is ending up being a better "arm" bag than shoulder bag. It was my first LV and I have gone on to get three more (already), but this is my fav of my new collection! It is a great bag....no regrets on mine! :tup:
  3. OH no...I have a baby so the last thing I need is cumbersome!
  4. Agree. I have three little ones, but my youngest is four so I just now have a little less to carry. I also just got the Damier Hampstead MM. It is a great tote and would be great with little ones. I am kind of unsure about mine (thinking about exchanging for Trevi).....It is beautiful and a GREAT shoulder bag, but the handles are kind of stiff for arm/hand carry. If my little ones were still babies, I would definitely keep my Hampstead!
  5. I have a three year old who still likes to be carried alot and for some reason I carry him and my handbag on the same side so a hands free bag is a must. I bought the mono griet but it was too stiff to really get over the shoulder comfortably and found the bottom to be too firm. it is really more of a nice satchel/arm bag in my opinion. It is a bit bulky. i find my Ursula to be better suited to carrying on my shoulder(without a coat of course). I just got the sac rayures, now that bag is great both on the shoulder and over the arm! It is softer and less structured!