Damier Greenwich PM city bag or lugagge ??

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  1. Does someone own this bag here? Do u think is too big for a men city bag??
    pics?? :nuts:
  2. Hi, I own it but sometimes my boyfriend borrows it ;) He carried it as city bag but my opinion, it's too 'cubic' ( ? ) for city bag, I prefer keepall as men city bag
  3. I think the keepall is a mens city bag.

  4. and what do u think about the size ?? too large?
    and also can you carry it over the shoulder??
  5. Luggage
  6. luggage
  7. ^Agree, try tobago shoe bag!!!
  8. It's too square and it looks like luggage.
  9. it's luggage, not a city bag, neither are keepalls, keepalls are also luggage
  10. Yeah I'm going with luggage also.
  11. Yup... more of a luggage piece to me too. It's hot, nonetheless. ;)
  12. No, the size isn't too large as men city bag f you tall enough but the shape too 'square'. Ooh, I notice the handles are too short to shoulder it :smile: My boyfriend usually carry it only, not shoulder it.

    May you'd buy long strap and shoulder it? It'll look better :smile: I think you're boring with Keepall? Anw, you've high-taste of LV
  13. Yes, it's actually luggage and I use it as luggage but if you are man and looking for different style, you'd go for it. My boyfriend feel bored with Damier Keepall, Mono Keepall, Damier BAstille & Taiga Viktor so he try Greenwich
  14. I love the shape indeed is it possible to put a strap to it ??? :confused1: I didn't know that well I haven't seen one IRL yet :push:
  15. Hi, actually, there's no D-Ring place on the both side for strap but d you see gold ring where the handles place on? If you're really intend to shoulder it, I think you'd place on the strap there but it's also OK without strap and carry it only :smile: try it and model for us