Damier Graphite Thomas messenger bag....thoughts?

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  1. #1 Feb 18, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2010
    I know it's a men bag....but do you think it will be nice for women to carry? Do you think it can hold the essentials? (Cellphone, wallet, small makeup bag, keys)? Anyone here who bought this bag can post modeling pictures? & how much it can hold? I tried to do a search for it, but I can't find any modeling pictures or how much this can hold. Please help! Thanks!

    PS...I was thinking of the bloomsbury, but I don't like brown damier & I like the grey damier more. The thomas seems to have a more comfortable strap compare to the bloomsbury too. However, does the fabric strap pills? Does anyone know? Lastly, will Louis vuitton canvas stretch if I stuff the bag with stuff (the thomas is quite flat) Thanks,
  2. I think you should buy what you love. I saw a lady with an amzing collection over in the bag showcase. I wish I could remember who it was, but anyway she had several graphite pieces. Maybe that member will chime in. good luck on your search.
  3. I'm a guy and I've been looking at the thomas bag for quite some time now but haven't went through with getting it because i think it's a little too small for my needs.

    As far as how much you can fit in there...probably only a cellphone, wallet, keys, mints, and a few other small items...sunglasses maybe. I doubt you'd be able to fit a make up bag in there because as you mention, it's flat...maybe you can just dump your makeup things directly into the bag.

    hope that helps. If you can't make it to a boutique, the demensions are on the website...I usually cut out a piece of paper to those dimensions to envision the size of it. I do that for wallets, cell phone holders, etc...maybe you can try it and see what you can fit in there.

    good luck
  4. Im the girliest girl ever and I own a damier graphite keepall that I use like an oversized Speedy.

    If you like it, go for it. I love mine, I find it different and totally unexpected. Dont get the ''its a man bag'' alter your feelings. After all, its the same pattern and the model is quite unisex, IMO.

    As Jayd23 said, good luck!
  5. I don't know about the size question, but a girl can definetly have a Graphite. I have a Graphite kepall on my wish list:smile:
  6. I saw it last week and it's too small. A better choice would be the Citadin NM in Damier Geant.
  7. Hi! Was looking for a thread which might lead me to modelling pics of the Thomas Damier Graphite. I am seriously considering buying but would like to see how it looks on the body. Is it worn messenger style?