Damier Graphite- special order bags?

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  1. hi ladies,

    just wondering if any of you have special ordered bags in damier graphite?
    i really like the darker print even though it's designed primarily for men.
    Have any of you special ordered a handbag with this print? If so, would you mind sharing photos/pricing? thanks so much!
  2. I'm interested to see if anyone has also special ordered bags in the damier graphite design. I've emailed LV to get more information as I am thinking of pre-ordering a Speedy 30 in damier graphite.
  3. :pout: Good luck, but I'm sure the answer will be no. Graphite is strictly for the Gents, although I would love for LV to release certain handbags in Graphite. A Graphite Speedy is a top request for LV.
  4. just ran into the same situation last weekend at my local louis vuitton store. I wasnt looking for a purse seeing I dont use a purse. but i was interested in the hard case 8 watch holder an my sa told me its not a problem for graphite its just an extra $1000.00 making the case $5,400.00. according to my sa she told me anything can be made in any pattern as long as you want to pay for it!!!
  5. BAH...so untrue. I'm a VIC at the Chicago store and I was told NO from Paris on a NF GM in vachetta or a NF GM in Black MC. I'd love to know the name of the SA who told you that misinformation...
  6. This information i received came from a sa over at the Saks store on Michigan
  7. I think you ladies have PLENTY to choose from that LV offers you

    let the men have the Graphite!

  8. Hard case orders are different than orders for bags. And that is not guaranteed. Also, you can request a custom order which requires approval from Asnieres. I've asked for a coffret in Pomme ever since Pomme was released and the answer has been no everytime.
  9. :biggrin: Yeah, but but, Graphite is sooooo BEAUTIFUL!
  10. I like the Graphite a lot too...a Speedy 35 Graphite with black handles/trim would be sooo sweet. All my clothes are black, so it would be a perfect match...."sigh."
  11. That does sound really cute.
  12. I had asked an SA a while back about SO a speedy and she said "No, its too new"

    Anyone ask recently??
  13. ^ Answer is no. See post #3 above.
  14. The answer to this one is two-fold ...

    1- The pattern is too new. The pattern has to be out a minimum of time (forget how many years) before you can SO something in it.
    2- Men's only line, so it would have to be another men's bag that you are requesting a SO in graphite.
  15. you ladies have so many lines and so many bags to choose from. So i'm happy a graphite speedy cannot be made. lol. Guys need to have a line too u know!