Damier Graphite Line

  1. Is this strictly a men's line or will they make women's leather goods as well?
  2. I like it!!!! That would be hot in a speedy!
  3. Only for men? :sad: Its hot!
  4. I love this line!! :nuts:

    Look so hot!! Esp. that Keepall. :drool::drool:
  5. I hope the handles aren't white. Thoes would get dirty quickly IMO... Other than the white handles i like them! :yes:
  6. it's awesome...! i want something from it!
  7. men's small leather goods too? i'd love to buy my bf something from it.
  8. That looks like some protective paper/cardboard type covering. They must not want the models to get the handles all sweaty :lol:
  9. Maybe this is the reason why I haven't bought a black LV bag --- I've been waiting for this line to come out!!!! I hope LV makes women's bags in the Damier Graphite! I love it!
  10. this is NICE!!! i would love a speedy in that :lol:
  11. i wan it...waiting for price and launch date..:tup:
  12. nice would love a speedy
  13. it's hot. finally an LV that would go PERFECTLY with black!