Damier graphite insta-reveal

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  1. I'll start by saying that DH is awesome, and he works so hard...

    A few weeks ago we went into LV and he liked the graphite District GM. He's not really a designer anything person but he's loved the card case I got him. When I was in the store last week I asked about it, and my SA said there were only a handful in the company, so she'd order one in for us to look at it. i tried to talk him into one of the more modern bags but he likes what he likes...

    When I told DH he was like "ehh I can wait until Christmas." We still went in last night to look at it, and I could tell he really liked it. Another customer came over to look while DH was holding it, and he was protective about it, so I decided we should go ahead and get it for him :smile:

  2. YAY FOR HUBBY!!!!! I hope he enjoys it!!
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  3. What a lovely choice for him! Does he know you bought it or is it a surprise? :smile:
  4. A great choice and a great gift! Hope he enjoys. :smile:
  5. I know that "protective" feeling! A mod shot would be great! Love this... :cool:
  6. He was there when we got it! He likes the free champagne :P
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  7. Congratulations then! May he wear it in good health!
  8. That was so sweet of you. The damier graphite is gorgeous. I hope your DH enjoys this wonderful gift.
  9. Congrats to hubby.

    Seeing a stylish man wearing a stylish bag is so "chic" :smile:
  10. Here he is! He's deploying on Friday and he can't decide if he wants to take it or not... maybe I'll have a new bag to borrow if he doesn't!

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  11. Congrats! Cute story. The "ehh I can wait until Christmas" comment made me laugh! :giggle: I wish I had his will power!
  12. How lovely!
  13. Looks great on him, or the other way around :biggrin:
  14. A great gift for your husband! So glad you were able to secure it for him. A safe deployment for your husband and his speedy return to you!
  15. I love Damier graphite! Congrats on a great bag!