Damier Geronimos

  1. Anyone has a pic of them wearing Damier Geronimos?

    Either around the waist or across the body/shoulder?

    Can't decide which one is better this one or the Monogram Bum Bag...
  2. sorry no pic, but i always see it when i read (well look) @ hk fashion mags, when they pull random people from the street cos of their good fashion, there are always tons of LV bags, and a lot of them geronimos.
    IMO its more versatile than a bumbag? and looks like it fits more?
  3. I have seen the Geronimos IRL, but haven't tried the Bum Bag.

    I guess I will have to see it first, I just don't want to buy something that I will regret.. hahaha...
  4. I had posted links to pictures before!! Let me try to search through the web again... It also looks great as a cross-body back shoulder bag, IMO.
  5. i've got the Mono Gange which is pretty much the Geronimos counterpart. and i think the Geronimos/Gange is more versatile than the Bosphore waist bag.... and heaps more masculine too. jmho :smile: