Damier Geant Problems

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  1. I just sent one of my bags in Damier Geant for repairs, but I don't really know what they'll do to it. The problem is that the threads in the fabric itself (which is supposed to be very durable) started to break so that in some places, especially the corners and aorund the edge of the flap, loose threads made the bag start to look like a furball! The same thing even happened to the seam going around the edge. (Now I can't help to feel sorry for those climbers that supposedly use the same fabric for ropes climbing mountains... ) To me this seems mostly like a malfuntion in the product becuase I haven't been using that much and it started from day one. (of course it took a while before the hairball stuff happened). Does anyone know how long a guarantee lasts? Has anyone had the same problem?

    I really loved the bag, the design and it was my first, so it's kind of sad and the main reason why I stopped purchasing the damier geant. =P
  2. i've had my Pionnier backpack since 2003 and aside from the vachetta darkening a bit, the Geant material still looks like new. it's gone through rain, camping and i use it almost everyday to Uni. i've only ever seen the fuzzballs on fake Damier Geant bags. got any photos?
  3. No, I already gave it away for repairs. Sorry. It IS real, I got if from London Bond street. I still have the recite and everything.

    I looked at your pictures in the Damier Geant thread and surprisingly it looked perfect. Mine has never been in any kind of weather except for light rain and I only used it for office work, which is why I'm so disappointed.

    What I worry about the most is what will happen to it, and if I have to pay to get it fixed or they just return it, because I can't figure out what they could do to make it look good again except for replacing all of the outer fabric, which would be about the same as giving me a new bag. After seeing your bag I'm quite sure that there's something wrong with the production of it. I have never applied anything or such to it.
  4. youn probably got the rare LV "lemon". fingers crossed they would just replace it with a new one ;)
  5. I Hope so! It's so confusing with the time and such. If I bought it here I could just return it and demand either a new bag or repairs (sellers choice) because it's within 2 year limit which is the minimum limit by law for such items here here. but since I bought it in UK it would be aterrible mess to find the laws rgulating consumers right etc.. >_<

    At least you gave me confidence to try the damier geant once more. ;)
  6. I seems very strange since those bags are made for "hard treating"
    hope they can fix it properly