Damier Geant Pilling?

  1. Those with pieces from the Damier Geant line, does the material pill at all? I want to purchase the Aventurier and am concerned about using it daily.

  2. It's possible... I have hear cases of this happening with much use.
  3. :cursing: To me it happened quite quckly qithout much use. .. It doesen't really show though, and I haven't heard of it happening to many others.
  4. it should be ok if you take care of it like you should with all louis vuitton but if you drop it on the ground or scrape it against the wall than you should make some damage to the material, it hasn't happened with mine since i take care of it...
  5. My Loup started to fry/peal on flap edges after 2nd use but it's small so I don't care at all. Just be carefull if you are wearing jacket with metal abrassive zipper!!
  6. Mine has not done that yet.
  7. The booklet says it will fray, so just becareful, its simple. so dont throw it lol
  8. My Archer hasn't had problems yet - in fact it looks almost brand new, but it isn't a bag I use often (4-5 times a month) but I got the Archer when it first came out (late 2005-early 2006?).