Damier Geant Loup or Antigua Cabas MM?


Damier Geant Loup or Antigua Cabas MM?

  1. Damier Geant Loup in Terre

  2. Anitgua Cabas MM in Brown

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  1. As you may have read in my "Is it dumb to take a Speedy to a festival?" thread, I need a hands-free bag to take to summer festivals, when I'll likely have to put the bag on the ground.

    I need something that can hold as much as a Speedy 30 without a open top or vachetta bottom, so I've narrowed it down to these two choices, Damier Geant Loup in Terre or Antigua Cabas MM in brown.

    Here is a pic of the Antigua:


    Here is the Loup:


    Which do you prefer? The Antigua is cheaper, but the Loup will probably be more comfortable/convenient because its a messenger bag and I don't have to worry about it falling off my shoulder. I do like the luggage tag on the Antigua though, and the fact that I can get it heat stamped with my initials! ;)

    I voted for the Loup so that I can see the poll results. ;)
  2. bump!
  3. I much prefer the Antigua- the loup is a little manly for women IMO.
  4. I think the messenger would be better. It's hands free and you could put a lot in it. I think sometimes a mans bag can look very sexy if a womans carrying it. I wouldn't worry about looking to masculine. At those festivals being hands free is where you want to be.
  5. Antigua MM ;)
  6. i like the Antigua cabas MM
  7. Antigua :yes:
  8. I much prefer the antigua ! :yes:
  9. The Antigua MM is beautiful.
  10. Thanks for your replies!
  11. Antigua, because the Loup is too manly.
  12. I have Loup and it's great! Mine is black though...
  13. I have the Antigua MM and it's a good casual bag. However, I'm leaning towards a messenger bag for you, as you're going to a festival. An across-the-body bag may be more suitable than a shoulder bag.
  14. Thanks for your votes, everyone! I got the Antigua! :yahoo:
  15. I think the messenger is more practical for a festival.