Damier Geant- limited or permanent?

  1. Just wondering because I really like the Loup but want to wait until around May to get it because I want to use it as a summer bag. Thanks!
  2. Isn´t it permanent?
  3. all damier geant is permanent. it's been permanent since it's debut like.. in 2004. i think it was 2004.. but it's definitely been around for a while. right around the time glace was discontinued.
  4. the line is permanent but they will retire the sable colour soon. it will be replaced by dark blue. so if anybody wants the lighter beige D.Geant - act now :yes:
  5. What colour is sable? The Loup I like is a green colour.
  6. The green colour is the terre. Deluxe do U know if the messager is being made in sable still or has it already been discontinued as it is no longer on the website.