Damier Géant Canvas Mage

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  1. Has anyone seen one ? If so what at which boutique I'm thinking about how handy this whould be.
  2. Try calling 1866. They can locate one for you. GoodLVck!
  3. One of the boys here has one. Check in the mens club for pics. I think it comes with a built in wallet too.
  4. It is not discontinued as far as I know, and I saw one in boston at Copley there are LOTS still around. LatinMaleModel has one. :smile:
  5. Oops! Sorry double post!
  6. They originally released 3 colours: Sable, Terre, and Noire. The Noire is the only colour they have now. In January 2007 I was lucky enough to score the BF one in Terre.

    I believe Latinmalemodel, another tpfer has a Mage in sable pics in posts 1 &4:

    Here's my posting on the BF's Terre Mage:


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