Damier Geant Canvas Line - Couguar. Which colour shd I get?

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Damier Geant Canvas Line - Couguar. Which color is best?

  1. Couguar Black

  2. Couguar Earth

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Love this one for now. :heart: Been looking for a nice shopping bag for this holidays..

    Was wondering if you could help me decide which color is best. Thanks!!


    Black or Earth??

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  2. I like the black:love:
  3. I voted for earth.
  4. ^Me too!!
  5. I like the earth.
  6. I'm a fan of BLACK!!!
  7. BLACK= no worry about vachetta, lol
  8. Earth looks better.
  9. I vote for earth.
  10. Black because it's such a sleek bag and you won't have to worry about vachetta!
  11. earth, as the lines on the bag is more defined and you get to see a clearer view of what you have. black is sleek but black on black is plain.
  12. Earth is actually called "TERRE" i have my Pionnier backpack in Terre and it is SMOKIN HOT!!! I recommend that color, the bag is rather small, like a cabas mezzo because I was interested in this until I saw the size! :sad:

    TERRE is the way to go! black is awesome and all but its just too "quiet' I love the piping color on the black and the interior
  13. black
  14. i voted for black - no vacetta to worry about! :yes:
  15. Black will be weather-proof!!!