Damier Geant Attaquant v. Aventurier

  1. Hey ladies, I need your opinion. I'm in the market for some LV luggage to use for weekend getaways. First off, I'm a male so I don't want anything from the monogram collection. The geant collection seems great. Now, that I narrowed it down to one collection I need help deciding between the Attaquant and the Aventurier. Which one do you ladies prefer?
  2. not a lady, but here's my opinion anyway.... go for the Aventurier. the Attaquant is actually desigend to carry 2 soccer balls and it's got a divider right in the middle. not a lot you can put in if you intend to use it for travelling. jmho.
  3. The Aventurier has a much nicer shape than the Attaquant, and you have your pick of three colors. Great choice on the line!
  4. I love the attaquant so much more- the streched soccer ball shape is really original. Terre is my fave DG color.

  5. well considering the DG was made for the men's line, i dont think it appeals to any of the ladies at all. lol.

    as a guy, i prefer the aventurer because of it's more classic and convenient shape. i think there's also a shoe compartment on the bottom as well.

    and yes, terre is a gorgeous color. i :love: it.
  6. Didn't they stop making the lighter color, Sable? Oh I don't like the new Noir color at all!
  7. love it
  8. Sable is still available i think.
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