Damier Galleria in Azur!

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  1. What do you guys think about the damier Galliera pm in Azur? I am thinking of getting this bag when I visit the mothership during summer. Also are there going to be other bags that are going to come out in Azur? Any Opinions would help.
  2. I love this bag! If you baby your bags, then I think this is an awesome choice.
  3. love it...
  4. get it get it!
  5. Love it!!!!
  6. I really like it.
  7. Honestly, I like the Galliera only in the mono.

    For azur, I'd choose the speedy, Berkeley, or Hampstead MM!
  8. I got it for christmas, and i loveeeeeeeeeee it to bits!

    Put it on, and play around with it in the mirror, i think its a great bag!
  9. i think that the galliera is an awesome bag. try it on and see how if you love it! :yahoo:
  10. Love it!!!!!!!!! The Galli in azur is so pretty!!
  11. It's smokin' hot in azur im seriously considering this as my next bag.:drool::heart:
  12. I LVOE this bag! Its perfect for spring/summer and I LVOE the contrast of the plaque and vachetta agains the azur background. I say go for it!!
  13. Get It!!!
  14. i get a mono galliera. really think mono would be more appropriate with casual wear.
  15. I think it is beautiful, but seems like it would be high maintanance...gorgeous nonethe less!