Damier French or a Zipped compact wallet?

  1. I am currently saving up for a LV wallet, and is deciding between the French purse and the zipped compact wallet. When my boyfriend went to Milan this year for a busniess trip he got me a the Damier billfold with 6 credit card slot and a Burberry coin bag. However, I want something that can carry everything. Does anyone have a side by side picture of the French and Zipped compact? I just want to know the size difference.
    Also, which one do you prefer? I am also debating whether to get the Azur or just Damier... does the Azur turn yellowish with time? And does it get dirty easily?
  2. when i went to an boutique for a wallet, which of these 2 were the ones i had to decide. i bought the zipped compact because (1) i didn't like the depth of bill compartment on the french...thought it was too deep , i like to see my bills immediately instead of "digging" for it, (2) i prefer the zipper closure for the coins (3) liked the size of the compact better..i can still fit other things in my pochette (cell, pda, keys, etc) with this wallet in it

    hope this helps
  3. I like the zipped compact one better, too, for all the reasons smileglu stated above. It seems to carry everything, yet it's small enough to go in your smallest bags! If you can, go to a boutique so that you can check them both out.

    I prefer the Damier to the Azur. Especially for a wallet - it will go with everything, and it will last forever!
  4. Damier zipped compact!
  5. i'd go for the zipped compact, it's such a lovely wallet. Pretty and perfect for every day use ...
  6. I think the zipped is better because when I tried out the french wallet, I thought the coin compartment was too big and I didn't have enough coins to fill it. It was hallow and was really noisy.
  7. Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it!!! I will go to see these 2 wallets in person once my final exam is over. Maybe I will treat myself to an early Christmas present.
  8. Best to go look at them together. And see which one you like better.
  9. French purse :tup:
  10. i love suhali compact zippe :smile:
  11. I love the Zippy.
  12. i have the french purse in azur...it's still as pretty as the day i got it...

    i was also choosing between the french purse and the zipped compact wallet....i really like the zipped but the french purse fit perfectly in my hand...though sometimes it's hard to put your bills in especially when you're in a hurry...but i still love my wallet...love the color too! :yes:

    maybe this would help.

  13. i would prefer a French purse :biggrin:
  14. zipped compact!!! it's on my list :biggrin:
  15. I love the French purse. The shape looks more elegant and the newer ones have eight cc slots while the zippy only has three.