Damier Florin Wallet

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  1. Do you ladies think it would make a great wallet for a guy? Mine is falling apart (it's not LV) and I desperately need a new one.
  2. i bought my ex-boyfriend the Taiga Florin, and he likes that it has the ID window and coin compartment and so many credit-card slots. i love that it has everything you need in it
  3. ^^^ :wtf: Ex-bf??!?!?! :crybaby:

    I'm no lady, but: I think the Florin wallet in Damier Canvas would be great for a guy! :tup:
  4. Oh, Sandra!! :sad: That was exactly what I was thinking John!!

    Back to topic...

    I think it's a great wallet for guys! I wanted to get it for my boyfriend but it's a little bit out of my price range for a gift (since when I buy this, I have two other occasions to buy for as well). It's...what? Umm $450 or something around there?
  5. I had this wallet and it's nice because you have EVERYTHING in your fingertips, but I gave it to my brother seeing as he needed a wallet BADLY and I already have other ones. It was a great wallet though, I do miss it but I think it got a better home! It'll make a really nice gift!
  6. you guys are too cute! :roflmfao::heart:

    OT but :yes:, he's my ex-boyfriend now, and don't worry, it was no great loss

    anyway, here are pictures of the wallet:

  7. It is a great wallet.
  8. WELL, as long as you are fine we are fine too ;)
    Well, I spoke to my boyfriend today about this wallet. He doesn't want one that's so expensive (I think it's around $500CAD in Canada). Sooo I'm stuck. I wanna get him a nice Damier wallet but don't know which one. Any suggestions?
  9. I'm considering getting the Damier with 6 CC slots or the Multiple Bill Holder. They're just as pretty but don't have a coin case (which is fine with me since I hate having too many coins in my current wallet). They're a lot cheaper too. Around 300$ CAN for the 6 CC slots wallet and I think 400$ for the multiple bill holder.
  10. If you sit on your wallet, I don't recommend that you get one with a coin pocket because it gets deformed too easily. I like the Damier 6CC for the amount of CC slots it has, but like the Multiple for its split bill compartment.
  11. u can also look at the billfold...very nicely priced wallet for a guy
  12. What a nice wallet
  13. Has LV ever had a Damier Canvas wallet that looks just like the Florin Wallet except for that it doesn't have the coin pocket?
  14. Hi, i'm thinking about buying a LV wallet to match my LV monogram Abbesses bag. Would you recommend me to go for Florin or Brazza? Any ideas?

    I'm college graduates and Asian. Will be accountants. 20 of age. :smile: