Damier experts-anything similar to them?

  1. I used my Damier Ribera today and the new girl at work absolutely went nuts over the color and pattern. She asked where I got it and when I told her it was LV, she frowned. I know this is a second job for her and no way she can afford anything much at all so I was wondering if there is a bag out there that anyone knows of that has a similar color/checker pattern to it that is really affordable...I have never seen anything close that I can remember but if any of you know of anything, please pass it on. I stopped on my way home from work and looked in a few stores but didn't see anything even close. Thanks!
  2. Nothing comes to mind at the moment... :s
  3. May I suggest some of the second-hand sites...
  4. That's a tough one- if she liked the mono, I'd instantly reccomend Guess :p
  5. BrodiesLVmama: you are so kind and sweet. You have a good heart!
    I spend my time looking at every bag and purse site, magazines, etc and have to say I've never run across anything from any designer that is remotely close to Ribera. I'm so obsessed with bags that I always go through handbag dept at every store I'm in just to see what's out there, even at Ross lol.
  6. This is hard...same thing happened to me at work...I think I ended up with them (girls) all turned onto to Dooney...LOL, awesome bags and affordable, one girl who has tons of money and always bought crappy bags had ended up being a total Burberry freak now! Clothes, bags, scarves, coats...O what a monster I created...but I'm the only LV lover there....oh I correct myself, the only one crazy enough to spend $$$$$$ on them...:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  7. i was going to suggest dooney too as an alternative. not the same as damier but something still logo-esque without breaking the bank.
  8. umm..this is so hard!! try maybe burberry?
  9. Gucci?
  10. I saw a store that sold some fakey ones. It doesn't say LV on it but it looked like it. They had these faux LV bags. Same pattern just doesn't say LV on it. But you wouldn't suggest a fakey, right?