Damier Eva Strap With a Beverly Clutch - Weird?

Princess Pink

Oct 3, 2007
I'm thinking of getting an Eva before summer - we are planning a 3 week trip and as I like to be prepared :P was thinking ahead that the Eva will be perfect for going out in the day sightseeing and walking around, as well as using her as a clutch for night.

So which Eva to get? I decided on the Damier as I already have a Mono Beverly clutch and to get a Mono Eva would be too similar IMO.

(I'm not a fan of Azur Eva).

So.......was thinking.....would it look "strange" to use the (dark) Damier long strap with my Mono Beverly? I would like to use my Beverly more as its a great style, but it a bit restrictive. I don't like the short strap that it came with. I purchased Beverly just before Eva was released, otherwise I would have definately preferred an Eva ;) I've thought about purchasing another long strap but its quite pricey and may as well purchase the whole Eva. What is TPFer's thoughts?

Nordy's girl

My youngest!
Sep 23, 2008
I don't think I would probably use the dark strap with the mono beverly, but I agree with the above poster. If you can get to a store, try it out and see how it looks IRL, it may be great! Good luck!