Damier Eole 50 or Damier Pegase 55 Business?

Mar 29, 2008
Hi TPFers,

I'm looking into buying a piece of carry-on luggage and have narrowed it down to the Damier Eole 50 and Damier Pegase 55 (Business). I came to this conclusion after reading several posts about how heavy a Keepall 55 gets when it's full, so I ruled it out.

Would both be able to fit in an overhead bin on a plane? What are some of your general thoughts (positive and negative) about these pieces?

Thank you all.....


Apr 8, 2008
Sunny SoCal, USA
The Eole is pretty thick and if filled to the brim, it may be difficult for you to place it on the overhead compartment. The Pegase 55 or the business version would be a great choice :smile: