Damier Ebene wear on corners - so frustrated

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  1. Is it just me? I've had wear issues with DE corners. I returned my speedy b in return for a Kensington which I sold due to the same issue. Showed LV the wear and they 'couldn't see it' then said be careful putting it on carpet!! It rubs.

    I love DE and bought a pochette (aka test piece) and I've seen a little wear after only 2 weeks. Am I just unlucky? I know there are some threads on this but has anyone else had issues with mini pochettes or wallets? About to buy an Alma - the brown trim at the bottom should stop this I hope!!

    Any thoughts appreciated
  2. I had wear not long after I purchased my DE cosmetic case but I have not had wear on my bloomsbury or my totally. I did have a speedy b 30 for a short time and noticed wear on the corners and sold it for a few different reasons. I think it depends on the style of the bag.
  3. I can't answer about bags since I don't have a bag in DE but I have an almost 6 yrs old Zippy wallet in DE. I've handled it daily since the day I bought it and so far no wear and tear on any part of it. I wonder if it's just normal for corners of bags to have this kind of wear?
  4. All my DE bags and luggage, old and new(er), have a little wear on corners. They rubbed dark. It's not really visible, unless you get really close and examine the corners. It really doesn't bother me.
  5. I bought my DE speedy many years ago and it hold up pretty well!! That's why I'm so confident with LV quality. Because I never baby my bags, I throw them on the floor (even when I was outside in the restaurant etc), I had them under the heavy downpour, spillage from food and beverages, ....etc. but of course the gold hardware for the handle did have abit of scratches.
    Good luck to ya!
  6. I had same problem with my Speedy B 30 DE after only 2 months and am careful with my bag. I was told this is wear and tear if DE but must admit I was surprised and a little disappointed that if occurred so soon. That being said, it doesn't bother me much anymore- I definitely understand your concern! Good luck! :smile:
  7. Thanks everyone! Yes I was the same jenergyup. 2 months and so careful with my speedy b. They gave me a credit so I got the Kensington but the same again. I understand wear and tear but it's too fast and I am super careful - no bumping on walls etc. anyway thanks to all!! I feel better
  8. If you having problems with wear and tear on the canvas, you definitely don't want to buy DE with leather trim at the corners. DE leather trim scrapes really easily and the top layer of the coated, shiny leather rips off to reveal the light brown suede-like texture.... much more obvious than the gradual fading of the canvas print.
  9. I've had my DE bag for 15 months, it has leather trim at the corners and also piping, I've had no problems or signs of wear whatsoever on any of the corners or the bottom of the bag and I use my bag nearly every day.

    I am careful with it but I do put it on the floor too if there's nowhere else to put it. It does have feet but it's a heavy bag so the feet don't do very much. Maybe it depends on the model of the bag, I don't know.
  10. Yea some bags show wear more than others .. I noticed my Reggia corners were showing signs of this on a short time ! Luckily I have had my speedy B DE with no problems so far .. I have learned just to enjoy my bags nothing is going to look brand new forever !
  11. I think this is normal with DE
  12. Same here. I have two Speedy's in DE - a 25 and a 30. Both have darkening on the corners but it blends in so it doesn't bother me.
  13. hehe, honestly I never noticed until I joined TPF!
  14. same!!
  15. This is me too. I still haven't checked my DE Speedy, Cosmetic Pouch, Cles, or mini Pochette for wear. I'm careful with my things, so any wear would be minimal and it wouldn't bother me either. I absolutely love DE and this wouldn't deter me from purchasing additional DE pieces.