Damier ebene w/ mono zippy wallet?


Jan 6, 2010
I think I am going to return my speedy mono 30 that I just got as a gift from DH and exchange for the damier ebene 30. After reading several threads it seems that the damier ebene is more durable and does not have to be babied as much as the speedy mono.....I am mostly stay at home mom and when I do work it is in a clinical environment. So I need an everyday bag that is durable....However, DH also got me a mono zippy wallet that I love...I don't want to exchange that at all.....so it will be ok to use my damier ebene speedy w/ my mono wallet right? Thanks!!!!


Jul 16, 2009
Sunny Florida
Definitely!! I use my mono Sarah wallet with my Ebene Speedy all the time. I was worried also but the SA at my boutique said the mono goes well with it because of the brown color (she was soooo nice, she could've tried to convince me to buy a Sarah wallet in Ebene!)
I'm usually very matchy with my bags (I have the Azur Sarah to go with my Azur Speedy) but the LV monogram seems to be such a neutral and goes with anything, which I love!
Apr 18, 2008
Northern VA
Definitely OK! In fact, the great thing about LV is so many of the different pieces go so well together. I look at people's "What inside your LV photos" and am amazed at how well vernis, damier, mono, etc. all go well together. As long as you love it, that's all that matter :yes:


Nov 30, 2007
Above the Bravern LV Boutique!
GeeWhiz, there is no rule about matchy matchy!! more fun to have many different LV styles, mono, ebene, vernis, etc. and mix and match, I think it would be quite boring to have the bag and accessories all match~

Nordy's girl

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Sep 23, 2008
One of the first things I learned when I started to collect LV was that it was perfectly fine to mix patterns, wallets etc. I think it will look great! I thought at first everything needed to be matchy matchy but I've learned the fun in haven't all sorts of different patterns of slg's! You should definitely keep the wallet. Enjoy your new damier speedy when you get her!

Love LV

Love LV
Jan 7, 2008
I prefer the mixed look. I use my red mono insolite wallet with all of my Damier bags. I like the contrast.

Recently I rotated my bag and switched to my Mono Monty GM and feel like I match too much now!