Damier Ebene Totally NEW MODEL

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  1. #1 Mar 14, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2014
    Hey all: I know there's been a couple threads started about the DE Totally but I just called tonight to double check w/ the 1-800 number that I am on the wait list and got some info to share.

    First I asked him about it saying "NM" on the SKU tag that we've seen posted on here by "LVOEbear." He said there are updates to the Totally and it is a "New Model." Some of these details we have heard already: The zipper is thinner... the hardware is square ... and the straps are thinner. He said it's overall a sleeker appearance.

    He said he believe they should all be MIUSA. No 1st run from France or anything like that... but who knows...

    Also he warned me that the launch date of March 28th is flexible and to not worry if I don't get a call from them on the 28th.. But he said it should be w/in that week.

    Also, he emailed me a PDF of a little lookbook clippings.... This is the pic that we've seen taken (and posted on another thread) by "lilndc" that's been a little blurry... But I think this is version of the pic is a little more clear. --It's still a picture of a picture soo.... :biggrin:

    Anyway, super exciting that we're two weeks away from a bag a lot of people have said LV should make! He sent me lots of other pics too but I assume they are things that people already know about.... and I don't know how or if I could post a PDF anyway so I'll just leave you w/ the pic of the DE Totally NM that he sent me.


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  2. Just gorgeous!!! Any word on the interior color? Assuming red ?!
  3. DANG, I forgot to ask. Let me email him back....... brb!
  4. Thanks for all the great info! I am dying to know if the interior is red. I kinda hope it's not because if it is I am going to want it that much more!!! Plus I just bought a speedy B DE 30!
  5. Oooh that looks like one to add to the list. I hope it has a nice interior.
  6. its so pretty i want it so bad
  7. thanks for sharing!
  8. That's the bag! Can't wait - thanks for sharing!
  9. +1
  10. Darn it! I'm supposed to be done!
  11. Thanks for sharing this information. I am deciding between this and a DE Speedy B 35 for my next purchase. Anyone have any thoughts to help me choose? I could use some help...in more ways than one. LOL

  12. And thank you OP for sharing this coveted info!
  13. It's about time!!!!
  14. totally DE.jpg

    here's the pic I snapped in person when I went for a special preview today arranged by my SA. I already reserved mine.
    yes all made in the USA
    I am set to pick mine up on 3/28, my store already has two that arrived from the warehouse.
    wore it and it is more comfy, straps seem thinner, and loops are square and not round.
    I think the changes are subtle, really it is still the Totally, just in DE.

  15. Thanks for the pic! What'd you think of it? Was the canvas stiff?